Useful links

As this blog develops I'll be adding links to the various products, technologies and support communities related to my posts.

Alternative Operating Systems

Ubuntu - the latest version of the Ubuntu operating system, this is a free Debian-derived Linux distribution with a regular 6-month release cycle, that focuses on usability, and is probably the most popular version of Linux currently available. Note that the Desktop version is perfectly sufficient for setting up your web server.

Web Server Software

Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows - contains all the information you will need for downloading, installing, and configuring Apache Web Server on your Windows PC.
Installing Internet Information Server on Windows XP Pro - full walkthrough guide to installing IIS on Windows XP Pro.
Installing Internet Information Services on Windows 7 (Ultimate and Pro) - full walkthrough guide to installing IIS on Windows 7.

Database Software

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Microsoft's official website for their SQL server software.
MySQL - the official website for MySQL, the world's most popular Open Source Database.
Installing MySQL on a Windows PC - instructions from the MySQL reference manual for installing MySQL on a Windows system.
Downloads links for the Windows versions of MySQL.

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Spoon Browser Sandbox
Oracle VM VirtualBox
Old Browsers on OldApps

CSS Generators

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator
Rounded Corner CSS Generator
CSS3 Generator